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We recommend our blue bearing grease for the lubrication of nearly all standard bearings of trucks and trailers as well as for ball races and landing legs.

SAUER FleetLube Longlife is a high-quality multi-purpose grease based on lithium-12 hydroxy soap. It was specially developed for ball and roller bearings.

Our SAUER grease is based on a special base oil mixture for good low-temperature performance. High quality active ingredients ensure good corrosion protection.

The practical advantages are:

• Applicable over a wide temperature range.

• Excellent corrosion protection properties.

• High mechanical stability; due to the excellent oxidation stability is maintained the lubricity
even after a long period of use.

Our reliable, Germany-based supplier of lubricants works according to the REACH regulation from 01.06.2017.

SAUER Quality Parts - Lubricants - S3870001005

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